Polk City Community Foundation 50-500 Campaign

Polk City Community Foundation:  “50-500” Campaign Update

Mary Miller, Board Chair, reports that 20 donors have donated a total of $10.700 to the campaign.  Mary stated that “the board is pleased to be at this level so early in the campaign. We are confident that the campaign goal of $25,000 will be reached.” The board would like to thank the following donors:

Collette & Gary Heuertz

Janeene & Larry Carlisle

Michelle & Jay Rothfus

Nancy & Bill II Knapp

Beth & John Calhoun

Judy & Randy Nyberg

Krista & James Bowersox

Ken Morse

Cara & Jason Morse

Mary & Bob Miller

Camie & Tony Bolletta

Connie & Bill Sharp

Kari & Keith Karpinske

Nancy & Leland Coffman

Debbie & Doug Sires

Susan & Jack Huff

Lisa & Dan Jesse

Suzanne & Doug McKinstry

Sheila & Dennis Dietz

Ruth & Jay Stewart

M.C. Lint

Joseph Fleskoski

Theresa & Bruce Boland

Jacqueline Warming

Val & Ken Bilbrey

Ramona & Dave Dvorak

Grinnell State Bank

Janice & Randal Croat

Luana Savings Bank


PRESS RELEASE: Polk City Community Foundation 50-500 Campaign

The Polk City Community Foundation is launching a “50-500” campaign.  The goal of the “50-500” campaign is to get 50 people to donate $500 to the Polk City Community Foundation.  The funds will be used to award grants to eligible 501 ©3 organizations in Polk City for community programs and build an endowment.  A contribution to the “50-500” campaign fund is tax deductible.

The Polk City Community Foundation’s sole purpose is the continued development of Polk City.  The Foundation was created to allow citizens to invest in their community through tax-deductible charitable donations.  Contributions will be used to secure ongoing support for programs and for the creation of a grant fund.  The campaign will run from January through December 2013.  Grant funds will be distributed in the Quarters 1 & 4 of 2014 to support the following Foundation’s priorities: 

  • Arts & Culture
  • Community Betterment
  • Education
  • Health & Human Services
  • Recreation/Environment
  • Youth Development